How to fix a camper refrigerator

Even the best RV refrigerator can have issues. It’s easy to repair a broken camper fridge. You can save thousands by learning how to fix and troubleshoot your refrigerator. You might be surprised that restoring a camper fridge is easier than you think. This RV repair is easy if you know how to fix a fridge. You can resolve many common refrigerator problems by following the instructions in this article.

RV refrigerator problem#1: The pilot won’t stay lit

It’s different from your typical fridge at home. Depending on the model, they can be powered by propane gas or electricity. Sometimes both. A burner jet is also known as a pilot light. The pilot lights are what activate the burners on your fridge. Occasionally, this doesn’t occur. You may have left it in the pilot in the morning, but it’s already burned out when you go to the refrigerator later that afternoon. Relighting the light repeatedly causes it to burn out. But why?

How to fix a camper refrigerator

How Do You Fix a Camper Refrigerator with a Burned-Out Pilot Light

There are several possible reasons why your pilot may need to be fixed. The thermocouple can fail. This is what controls how much gasoline is always in the fridge’s gas burner. It is time to replace the component if this one has been damaged. If the thermocouple replacement fails, the problem with your pilot lights could be that the gas lines are too full. This can prevent the pilot lights from staying on. You’ll need to access your refrigerator’s gas valves for a fix. Turn off the gas valves for now. Then, reset it. For newer models, you can push the power button to reset them. If not, then you’ll need to reset the fridge manually. When your fridge is working again, the pilot should light up. This time, the pilot should remain on.

RV refrigeration issue #2: The cooling unit leaks.

A cooling unit is built into your camper’s refrigerator. This cools the food in your fridge and keeps the items in your freezer icy. The cooling system is composed of water, ammonia & hydrogen. Sadly, this cooling solution can occasionally leak. Two signs will immediately alert you to a cooling leak. First is the heavy ammonia smell. The second one is a warm but hot absorber. You might also notice that the cooling element in your fridge is coated with yellow residue. Be careful not to worry. This happens when the steel tube has deteriorated because of prolonged exposure to the cooling solution.

How Do You Fix a Camper Refrigerator That Has A Leaking Cooling Unit

It all sounds awful, right? How can you resolve this problem? This will require some patience and time. To begin, locate the 110-volt wires of the heating component. These are white. Connect those to an element that runs on 110 VAC. Do it with caution. Be bold and call professionals to help you if a job is too difficult. Find a method to accurately read the temperature in your fridge without anything plugged in. Pour some water into a cup and add a digital thermometer. Put the thermometer in the refrigerator, and then close the door. Now wait. Wait. If the temperature is slightly lower than 43 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s OK. It should drop somewhere between 20- 30 degrees Fahrenheit after 24 hours. This test seems silly, but it allows you to determine if a cooling unit leak or other problems cause it. Consider replacing the cooling unit in your fridge if it can’t reach these temperatures. Then, you must either plug and seal the leak or have a professional handle it.

How Do You Fix a Camper Refrigerator That Has A Leaking Cooling Unit

RV Refrigerator Issue #3: Frozen Cooling Unit

This is an infrequent problem. You’ll never have a problem with freezing if your camper is kept at a warm temperature. The fridge components can freeze if the motorhome is stored in winter at temperatures below -30°F. What happens then when the liquid cooling becomes a solid? Said mass stops your refrigerator’s heating source from working.

How Do You Fix a Camper Refrigerator that Has a Frozen Unit

You should always be aware of your temperature. Keep your camper from temperatures below zero, and you’ll be fine. What do you do if, at some point, the solution inside your fridge becomes frozen to the extent that the refrigerator stops working? Use a 60-watt bulb to heat up gradually and melt any frozen blockage. A space heater can also be used.


These troubleshooting steps should help you fix your fridge problems. If a task seems too difficult for you or the problem is worse than expected, you can always bring your refrigerator to a professional. You’ll be happy you did. Enjoy your travels, and keep your food and beverages cool. Read Bosch fridge manual for easier repair.

How to fix a camper refrigerator
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