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Appliance Repair in Calgary has been one of the most common things right now. The reason is that it is hard to find a quality company when you have some malfunctioned appliances around you.

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Appliance Service Company

Furthermore, distinguishing between high quality services is as difficult as finding one. Fortunately, you do not have to look any further. With several years of hands-on experience, we are confident enough to fix your appliances just like you have wanted. Similarly, we have a team of the best professionals from across Calgary to help our customers whenever they need us. Our customers are always happy with our way of doing business. Because services are rendered professionally and gently just according to your needs.

Appliance Repair Service Near You

It is often hard and exhausting to find good repair services for household devices and repair services near you might be hard to trust. People often question what can be the best appliance repair near me that provides quality fix to any malfunction and can also be trusted with warranties and reliability. This can be easily answered by looking for an appliance repair service near you that is equipped with professional staff and long-term experience in the field. All of these qualities add up to ensure this service in Calgary for your professional and at an affordable price.

Appliance Service Company

Appliance Service Company

There are some protocols which are necessary to ensure before you look for an appliance service company. It is advised that you ensure that your appliance repair company is fully expert in dealing with the appliances you have bought for your home. It is suitable for you to choose those who are reliable and can be trusted with your appliances and also the company should have technical expertise in dealing with problems which can occur with the appliances over time. Your local service company in Calgary is the best go-to option when it comes to repair of your appliance.

Appliance Repair Price

As mentioned above, getting your appliance repaired is a challenging task to do. It would be best if you took care of certain things, such as the actual problem, possible solution, and the best service provider. Let’s say you have a timely repair service, but the repair price might not be what you prefer. Therefore, we keep our prices suitable.

  • Service call

    from $99

  • Minor repair

    from $149

  • Repair

    from $199

Customer Service is our Profession

Customer Service is our Profession

The service price is something that makes the real difference. We claim to be a top-notch service with an affordable price tag. Our services are crafted in line with the current inflation and unemployment rate. Developing relationships with our customers is far more critical than earning extensive business.

Service Center for Home

Service Center for Home

Calgary Appliance Repair Center is very popular among people who always look for quality service at the best price. We prioritize our customers’ requests to strengthen our relationship with them. We have a professional team of technicians who are always passionate and devoted to helping our clients at any time.

We Serve

  • Refrigerator Repair


    We live in a century of technology so food storage has long ceased to be a problem for us. But it so happens sometimes that you need a refrigerator repair. Our company will help you quickly and easily. You do not have to worry about any malfunctions with appliances anymore.

    Fridge Service

  • Oven Repair


    This is one of the main appliances in the kitchen, and if it breaks during the holidays, it’s a disaster. We offer oven repairs for any kind of problem. Our experienced technicians can work on all brands and types including built-in and double ovens.

    Oven Service

  • Washer Repair


    Nowadays it’s hard to imagine life without a washer, and if it breaks it causes a lot of trouble with the laundry. So, when the washer doesn’t turn on or makes noise use our washing machine repair service. And seasoned technicians will come to resolve the problems.

    Washer Service

  • Dryer Repair


    Drying laundry doesn’t take long if you have a dryer. But it’s not uncommon for it to break down. Give us a call if you’re experiencing a dryer breakdown and need dryer repair! Our technician will come the same day and fix everything quickly and efficiently.

    Dryer Service

  • Dishwasher Repair


    In the 21st century, almost every kitchen has an appliance that will clean the dishes for you. But sometimes it breaks down. Then you need a good and reliable dishwasher repair company. Give us a call and we’ll fix it!

    Dishwasher Service

  • Stove Repair


    Are you experiencing issues with your appliance and in need of help? We are professionals in stove repair and have the knowledge to handle any problem. From a simple fix to a major repair, our team can make it all.

    Stove Service

  • Freezer Repair


    Affordable freezer repair is professional service we specialize in. From small residential freezers to large commercial ones, we have the experience and knowledge to get your appliance fixed and running in no time. Technicians from our company deliver an in-depth diagnosis that pinpoints the actual issues. With the diagnosis, our resolution time is the quickest.

    Freezer Service

  • Wine Cooler Repair

    Wine cooler

    Wine cooler repair is a service that requires specialized knowledge and skills. You can always trust our team of experts to diagnose and repair your appliance with precision and care. Professionals from our company are highly knowledgeable, trained, and skilled to deliver the solutions needed for your wine cooler system to become fully operational.

    Wine Cooler Service

  • Range Repair


    Range repair, including gas and electric, is a service we offer in Calgary. Our technicians have the expertise to repair any problem you may be experiencing with your appliance. Only top specialists with specializations in various range products are working for us, so you can be rest assured the best is what we offer.

    Range Repair


Warranty from us

Our team can appropriately diagnose and evaluate all appliance issues and provide appliance repair warranty. You can get well-written estimates covering any repair solutions on the same day of calling.

What Brands Do We Serve?

It doesn’t matter if you have a 10-year-old appliance or a top-of-the-line from one of the high-end brands. We can fix them all.

  • Asko


  • Dacor


  • Frigidaire


  • GE


  • Haier


  • Kenmore


  • LG


  • Magic Chef
    Magic Chef


  • Maytag


  • Thermador


  • Samsung


  • Whirlpool


Appliance Tips

Many useful tips will help extend the life of your equipment. For example, make sure there is enough space behind the refrigerator so that air can circulate freely there.

Calgary Appliance Service Customers Feedback

We are here when you need us to service both your residential and commercial properties

  • Denise WorkmanDenise WorkmanThey are brillant and can repair anything no matter how complicated. This is my second review and I am equally pleased. I am so glad this company exists. Grateful!
  • David ScottDavid ScottThey did an excellent job repairing my washer and dryer when they broke down. No problems since then. Will be my first call if I have any issues with any of my appliances.
  • Millie BradleyMillie BradleyTheir repairman is wonderful! Incredibly fast response, and estimate was spot on. He also gave us some tips for running the dryer more efficiently. Highly recommend!

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