Kenmore fridge not cooling

The Condenser Coils of the Condenser are Dirty

Condenser coils usually sit under the refrigerator. They release heat when refrigerant is passed through them. Condenser coils that are dirty will not be able to dissipate heat as effectively. The refrigerator’s efficiency decreases as the debris on the coils builds up. It has to work harder to cool itself down. If the coils become dirty, it will be difficult for the refrigerator to maintain the correct temperature. Condenser coils should be checked to see if they’re messy. If so, clean them.

The temperature of the freezer or refrigerator set too high

Verify the temperature of the freezer between 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. (-18 to -15 Celsius). Verify the fridge temperature is between 1 and 5 Celsius (1 to 40 Fahrenheit). After resetting the thermostat, wait for 24 hours before the temperature adjusts.

Kenmore fridge not cooling

Kenmore Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor

The condenser fan’s motor draws air through the coils in the condenser and over the compressor. The refrigerator will not cool correctly if the condenser motor isn’t working. Check the fan blade first for obstructions to determine if it is the motor. Then, turn the blade of the fan motor by hand. Replace the condenser motor if the blade will not spin freely. Use a multimeter to check the motor continuity to see if the blade is spinning freely and if there are no obstructions. Replace the condenser motor if it does not show continuity.

Kenmore Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor

The evaporator motor circulates air throughout the refrigerator and freezing compartments. Some refrigerators come with more than one fan motor for the evaporator. The refrigerator’s evaporator with just one evaporator can be found in the freezer. The evaporator will not circulate cold air into the refrigerator compartment if the fan does not work. If this happens, the freezer will still be chilly, but the refrigerator won’t. Turn the fan blade manually to determine if the motor has a problem. Replace the fan motor if the blade cannot turn freely. Replace the motor if it is noisy. If the motor doesn’t run, you can use a multimeter and test for continuity. Replace the motor if the windings are not continuous.

Kenmore Refrigerator Door Gasket

The gasket on the refrigerator door should create an airtight seal to keep out warm air. If the gasket is torn or bent, it can create gaps that let warm air enter the fridge, causing the appliance not to cool properly. Replace the damaged door gasket if required.

Power Incoming Problem

Make sure the plug is firmly inserted into the outlet. Check for fuses and circuit breakers if required. It’s best to put the fridge on a dedicated circuit. If your refrigerator is connected directly to a ground fault outlet, you may have to connect it to another regular outlet. Using a ground fault outlet for a refrigerator should not be done.

Kenmore Refrigerator Door Gasket

Kenmore Damper Control Assembly

For many models of refrigerators, the damper control assemblies are used to regulate the airflow to and from the refrigerator compartment. This allows the temperature to be maintained. The damper may be stuck closed if your refrigerator doesn’t cool down properly. The damper control assembly should be checked for malfunctions and replaced if required.

Kenmore fridge not cooling
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