What Can You Do to Fix a Gas Oven that Won’t Heal?

Check Gas Supply

Anyone can use these essential tips to test whether the gas is being supplied to a wall or range oven. If your surface burner is working, you can be sure the gas should also go to your oven. Check that your gas supply shutoff valve is open if the surface burner does not work. When troubleshooting your wall oven, ensure the broil burner is getting gas and heating up. You can check if you have a second oven if you own a double oven. When other burners of a wall-mounted oven are on, it means that the inactive oven burner is also getting gas. Check that the gas supply valve is open if none of the burners are heating in your wall oven. You can check the gas dryer in your home if you have an open gas supply valve on your stove or oven. Check your main gas shutoff valve to see if you are experiencing gas problems throughout your home. If the main shutoff valve is closed, you can open it. You can restore gas flow to your oven or other appliances. Contact your gas supplier if you can’t get gas to any appliances in your home despite the gas cutoff being open. Gas is flowing to other appliances, but if your stove or oven doesn’t get gas, you will need a plumber to fix it.

What Can You Do to Fix a Gas Oven that Won't Heal?

Check the service cutoff valve.

On the pressure regulator on the back of many gas stoves, there is a service shutoff valve. The gas is shut off to the oven, but not the surface burners. Check that the service cutoff valve lever is open if the surface burners of your gas stove are working but not the oven burners.

Test your Oven Igniter

Most gas ranges have a glow bar system, which uses the following ignition process: the control sends an electrical current through the ignition and safety gas valves to ignite the oven burners and heat the oven. The igniter will heat up, but the safety valve will only ignite the burner once it reaches the safe ignition temperature. The element’s resistance in the igniter decreases as the igniter heats, and more current is sent to the safety gas valve. As the igniter heats up, the resistance of the element is reduced.

This allows enough current to pass through the circuit to open the safety gas valve. The valve is opened, and gas flows to the burner. A weak igniter is the most common problem that stops a gas range from heating. The igniter is too hot for the safety switch to open, and the gas will not flow to the burner. For this reason, we recommend you test your igniter. The bottom panel should be removed from your cold oven. Start the oven to check if the ignition glows. If the flame doesn’t ignite, but the igniter does glow because the gas isn’t opening up in the valve, you will likely need to change the igniter. If you are still determining if your glowing igniter is failing, schedule service and ask our technician to check the amps drawn by the igniter. The igniter could only be fixed if it glows. You’ll need to use a multimeter to check if the element has failed. Unplug the range—disconnect the power for safety. The meter leads should be placed on the terminals to measure the resistance. You are good to go if your igniter measures 10 and 2,500 Ohms. If you measure no continuity in the igniter, it is time to replace the ignition.

Test your Oven Igniter

Check the wiring and control board.

Check the wiring of the ignition circuit and the electronic control board. While the electrical power is still disconnected, you can access the backside of the electronic oven board to check the resistance in the ignition circuit wiring connected to the board. You can replace the electronic board if you find the same resistance in the ignition circuit (between 10 and 2,500 ohms) as you did through the igniter. This means the wiring is okay. You’ll have to repair the wire if you find infinite resistance, also known as an open load. In most cases, these DIY troubleshooting tips should be able to fix a gas stove that won’t heat. You can schedule an oven repair service if you cannot diagnose and fix the problem yourself. We will send a Sears Tech to your house to fix your oven.

What Can You Do to Fix a Gas Oven that Won’t Heal?
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