How to fix a gas stove burner

You’ll be frustrated if your gas burners don’t light up only sometimes. My favorite appliance repair problem. This is easy to do and only takes 20 seconds. Three factors must light gas burners to ensure quick and reliable ignition:

  • Oxygen is a gas that we breathe.
  • Spark from a clean igniter.
  • Gas is coming from the burner.

The most common reason for a gas burner that clicks but won’t light is a clogged burner orifice. This happens when a pot overflows. How to clear the clog.

Tools required

  • Abrasive sponge
  • Awl
  • Flashlight
  • Paper clip
  • Wire brush

Project in step-by-step

Remove the Burner Grate

Then, carefully place the towel on top of the counter.

Remove the Burner Cap

The stove burner cap can be removed. Clean the bottom of the burner cap with a wire or abrasive scrubby.

How to fix a gas stove burner

Clean Gas Burner Orifice

Use a torch to look into the center. Find a brass hexagon that has a hole in its middle. This is the orifice of the gas burner. In the orifice of the gas burner, insert a straightened paperclip or the tip of an awl. Paper clips can be gently twisted around to remove clogs. Warning: Do not push the paper clip into the orifice. It is essential to keep the size of the brass orifice the same. A giant hole will cause a large flame. The clogged materials should be loosened. Put the burner cap on. Place the cleaned burner cap back on. Make sure it sits perfectly flat on the burner. If it won’t sit flat, try turning it until it does.

Replace the Grate

Place the burner grates back on the stove.

Test The Briquet

Turn on the burner. You should notice an instant flame and more robust, more uniform ignition. All the clogs broken up using the awl or paper clip will be blown away by the gas pressure. For quicker fix of your Thermador range, read our manual.

How to fix a gas stove burner
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