How To Fix a Microwave That Does Not Heat

Microwaves, a common household appliance, make cooking or heating leftovers quick and straightforward. If your microwave stops working, this can be a significant inconvenience. You can do a few things before replacing your microwave if it doesn’t heat up. If you need more confidence about fixing these problems on your own, contact a qualified technician.

Repairing a microwave that won’t heat up

You can discover why your microwave doesn’t work by following the steps below. If none of these steps work, or you need help with what to do, consult a service technician.

How To Fix a Microwave That Does Not Heat

Step 1: Check the Microwave’s power supply

Ensure that your microwave’s power cord is connected to a grounded outlet. You can test the functionality of an outlet by plugging a lamp or another small item into it. If you are unsure whether or not the outlet is working, plug in a light or other small household item to verify.

Step 2: Check that the door is closing properly

A microwave will heat up once the door has been closed properly. This is a safety measure. Before operating the microwave, make sure that it is locked firmly. Remove the shipping spacer and any packaging left on your brand-new microwave to ensure the latch is fully secured.

Step 3: Check the Microwave’s Controls

If you have a microwave, ensure the controls are set for the item you want to warm. Your food may be cold if the settings in your microwave are not set to the correct power or time.

Step 4: Check For Error Or Display Codes

If you have an error in your microwave or it is set to a specific mode, the unit won’t heat up. Instead, a code will be displayed. Control Lock or Demo Mode are standard codes that prevent the appliance from heating. They will need to be disabled to restore their function. Refer to your model’s Care and Use Guide to determine and fix a code. If, after trying all these steps, your microwave is not heating, then there could be a problem with the internal part. You may need to buy a brand-new unit. Maytag offers many microwave options that can be customized to your specific needs.

How To Fix a Microwave That Does Not Heat
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