How do you troubleshoot a KitchenAid Ice Maker

This troubleshooting guide can help diagnose common problems.

Is your ice maker on?

Verify that the Ice Maker is On. Turn off the Ice Maker if its water supply is disconnected from the water supply. You may hear a buzzing if your ice maker is turned on but not connected to the water line. There may be a section of the refrigerator that needs to be warmer. Food in crisper trays may freeze.

Does the icemaker have a jam?

Make sure there is no ice jammed up in the ejector. The ice maker will not be damaged if you use only a plastic object to remove the ice. This will likely solve the problem. If the ice has not yet wholly frozen, harvesting the ice cubes may result in icy water being deposited onto the stripper.

How do you troubleshoot a KitchenAid Ice Maker

This ice water can cause an ice bridge on the strips during the following cycle. This ice barrier will cause the harvesting fingers to jam.

After filter installation or replacement, was the water flushed?

A flush is required whenever the filters are changed, or the fridge is first connected to the water line. Air may have entered the water system and caused dripping or even small/hollow-sized ice.

Check out the water supply lines

When checking the water line, ensure the cold water supply is attached correctly and the shutoff is fully open. Then, make sure that the water supply is not kinked. A kink can reduce the water flow. Straightening the source water line will restore water pressure and adequate flow. Do not move the refrigerator back too far against the wall.

How do you troubleshoot a KitchenAid Ice Maker
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